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A Day at the Pool

by Mike Roberson on 09/22/16

Today at the pool, I met a very friendly little 4 year old east indian boy named Shawdon. His accent was a little  difficult to catch but his wit was amazing, as was his energy. As his grandpa looked on, he and I played for an hour in the pool. While Shawdon reminded me of how to have fun again, I was able to teach him how to throw a nerf football and how to respect the lightening of the approaching storm. When I got home,  memories of such times with my now grown boys strangely overwhelmed and saddened me. Then, my teachings from recovery lifted me from the depths:

  • Gratitude - Instead of sadness of past days, I should feel joy from those beautiful memories of my boys' childhood - God's gift. 
  • One Day at Time - Instead of focusing on the past, I should focus on the present - the fun I had just had sharing time with Shawdon's joy and positive energy.

And as the dark thunderstorm now raged outside, I could draw light and warmth from my fun afternoon and the beautiful soul a 4 year old little boy.

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